About us

Euphoria was founded by Ella, who set up Euphoria in July 2013. We're over 5 years old now! 

Euphoria is a small independent online shop based in England, UK. Ella set Euphoria up with the aim of focussing on the spiritual and healing properties of semi precious gemstones and crystals. Ella has always wanted Euphoria to be affordable for all, which is reflected in our price range of £3 - £20. 

We appreciate every order we get due to being a small independent business, and the loyalty and love we are shown from old and new followers. We can't wait to continue on this journey constantly providing new exciting designs, using the most beautiful crystals.

The foundation of the name Euphoria is "a state of intense happiness and excitement", which is exactly what we hope you share with us towards crystals and the joy and symbolism these beauties can bring. 

Instagram is our most active platform where we celebrate our beautiful bloggers and customers. Share your snaps with us, and tag us using @euphoriacreations